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There are beginning to be alot of impostors on the market!

Before purchasing a Kvar Energy Controller unit, or Kvar Power Factor unit make sure you are buying an actual Kvar Energy Controller (KEC) brand!

 There are several companies selling Kvar units, the problem is they are not manufactured by Kvar Corporation, Kvar Corporation is the leading manufacture of Power factor optimization units. Also they are the only company that holds the original patend for Kvar Energy Controllers that are MADE IN USA! Not China.

The way other companies are selling Kvar Controllers is that kvar or var is actually an electrical term therefore not protected by a patend, here is the description of var.

In alternating-current power transmission  and distribution, volt-ampere reactive power (var) is a unit used to measure reactive power in an AC electric power system. 1 var = 1 V·A. The correct symbol is var and not VAr, but the latter is widely used.

Since AC power has a varying voltage, efficient power systems must therefore vary the current in synchrony with the voltage. Vars measure unsynchronized “leading” or “lagging” currents. These currents are usually caused by the side effects of powering equipment that behaves like coils (e.g. motors) or capacitors  (e.g. arc welders).

Technically, VArs are the product of the rms voltage and current, or the apparent power, multiplied by the sine of the phase angle between the voltage and the current. Or in mathematical terms, the reactive power Q, (measured in units of volt-amperes reactive or VAr).

So make sure you are not being mislead buy from a Registerd Kvar Distributor.

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Kvar Energy Controllers are very easy to install.

However we do recommend you hire a licensed electrician to install your unit.

Most important: FIRST TURN OFF POWER!

These units should be installed right below the main breaker on either a 20amp 2pole breaker 0r a 30amp 2pole breaker depending on which unit you purchase.  For example the PU1050, 1100, 1200 should be protected by a 20amp breaker or fuse block depending on application. Where as the PU1400, 3100,3200,3400  should be protected by a 30amp breaker or fuse block.

The reason these units should be protected by an alternate breaker is the wires that feed these units is #12 THHN 20amp, or #10THHN 30amp capacitance wire. Also it is aginst code to use a breaker for more than one circut! This is only for the Panel Mount units not the custom models that are installed directly at the motors.

***Note: That all Kvar Energy Controllers should be installed in compliance to ART#460 of the (NEC) National Electrical Code.

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Kvar Energy Controllers


Kvar Energy Controllers were invented and designed by Gregory Taylor in the 1990’s.

These Power Factor Correction Units have been saving on electrical consumption for years,  not only for the large companies and corporations but for residential and small business users alike.  With the ever increasing cost of fuel, and production of electricity at its highest in years it is unlikely that these cost are ever going to decrease.  In the year of 2009 electrical cost to the consumer has increased by 15% nationwide and is expected to increase 25% by the end of the year.  This is why its so important for all of us to do what we can to reduce the demand of electricity, and the production of electrical power.


By improving your power factor you will not only lower your electrical usage, and increase the life of your electrical induction motors, you will also decrease the amount you are paying for electricity and lower your power consumption.  Power factor can be best described as the efficiency at which you use the electricity provided by your utilities company.  Power factor plays an important part in electrical distribution, the lower the power factor the more the utility companies need to produce to achieve proper distribution of electricity to your location.

By Increasing Your Power Factor You Can Lower Your Power Consumption!

Kvar Energy Controllers are specifically designed to increase your power factor by a process called Power Factor Correction. Power factor correction can be acheived by using capacitors, it is by this process that the Energy Controllers are based.  By taking various capacitors and wiring them in a patented manor Kvar Energy Controllers are the leading power factor correction unit on the market today.  Made in the USA and UL approved, Kvar energy controllers are the only product of this type that is Certified Green.

Kvar Energy Controllers Are UL/CSA Approved And Made In The USA!

Kvar Energy Controllers are easy to install and come in several different sizes to meet any of your application needs.  From 50 amp single phase units to larger industrial units for any amperage.  The most common of these units is our pu1200 , this unit is a 200amp/240v-480v/single phase/ 3 wire unit primarily used in residential and small businesses.  Another popular unit is the pu3200 and pu3400 these units are 200 and 400amp/208v-480v/3 phase/4 wire and are primarily used in commercial and industrial applications.  **Note that all electrical equipment including the Kvar Energy Controllers should be installed by an liscensed electrician and as per (NEC Regulations) National Electric Code.

Why Choose Authentic Kvar Energy Products?

Benefits of Kvar Energy Controllers:

  • Made in USA
  • Patented and UL/CSA Approved
  • Certified Green/ Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Reduces Harmful Effects of (EMF’s)
  • Comprehensive 12yr Warranty(Residential)
  • Comprehensive 5yr Warranty (Commercial)
  • Increases the life of Appliances and Induction Motors
  • Reduces Power Consumption
  • Surge Protection for Whole Electrical Systems
  • Reduces Power Spikes
  • Carries $3 Million in Product Liability Insurance

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